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BC Reverses Environmental LNG Rules

The Vancouver Sun reported that a government decision to exempt 99 percent of provincially produced natural gas from environmental assessment was reversed by the Liberal government and British Columbia Environment Minister Mary Polak on Wednesday.

Putin to Sign 30-year Gas Deal with China

Businessweek reported that Russian leader Vladimir Putin is looking to sign a deal to supply pipeline gas to China for the next 30 years. The deal would take place next month, and has become more likely in light of the recent Ukraine crisis, according to the publication.

North American Gas Prices Not Reacting to Depleted Stores

Jeffrey Jones of the Globe and Mail reported that gas prices on the NYMEX prices are only 14% above last years levels despite drastically reduced inventories following an especially harsh winter season. Forecasters are wondering why prices are not rising more given the need to replenish stockpiles, according to the Globe.

Explosion at Washington LNG Facility Causes Safety Concerns

Reuters reported on a significant blast that took place last Monday at Williams Co Inc's Liquid Natural Gas plant in rural Washington. The explosion forced an evacuation and injured some workers, sparking discussion among LNG opponents and energy experts regarding safe handling of the fuel.